work, sleep, eat, repeat.

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Writing & research

I started my career looking to write. Majoring in journalism as the dotcom bubble burst, I spent the first few years of my career laboring over copy placement on websites. Need snappy beauty puns? Got 'em. Fifty-five page thesis on Vietnam-era veterans? Well, I've got that, too. For pleasure, I enjoy whipping up a recipe or two and posting the content to my blog. When I'm not at work or working on my house, I freelance. Past projects have kept me in the know, covering topics from LBJ to HR. This page is just a taste.

Marketing & design

Marketing and design go hand-in-hand nowadays. With the majority of my career focused online, hours spent reviewing web analytics and crafting SEM campaigns has help pay more than few bills along the way. At this point, my social media experience predates Friendster and my Facebook profile is approaching its 10th birthday. Design-wise, my aesthetic is modest. Site design, print design, promotional banners and emails, retouching images, etc. I can also dish out art direction like it's my job. Oh wait, once upon a time it was!


Creative/Art Direction