Más tacos! March edition.

So I got a little creative in March. Actually a lot of creative, making tacos of all kinds. Plus there were 5 Tuesdays! Guess I felt the need to stretch my little wings.

  • Week 9: March 3 - White bean falafel tacos with pickled veggies and lemon tahini sauce (pictured here.
  • Week 10: March 10 - Refried bean tacos with pan fried poblano peppers and chili lime peanuts. Recipe from Vegan Tacos.
  • Week 11: March 17 - St. Patricks' Day edition! Brown butter colcannon tacos with vegetarian chicken. 
  • Week 12: March 24 - Tacos with Tofurkey beer brats and tomato salsa. Another one from Vegan Tacos.
  • Week 13: March 31 - Vegetarian chili and cheese tacos. I used Chao Creamy Original cheese - have you tried it? Best vegan cheese I've encountered to date. 

And here we are in April. I've got some new ideas cooking and a ton going on. Easter is over. This week I'm going to see The Sonics on Thursday and Cocksparrer on Friday, next week I'm going to catch The Buzzcocks. Not to mention it's finally spring! Time for bike rides, empty beach dates and Italian ices.