Everybody, everywear #3.

This month's theme for Everybody, Everywear is yellow. For some reason I remember hearing that yellow is the favorite color of people suffering from mental health challenges (non-PC term = crazies). I have no clue if that's actually true but it's one of those fun facts that's stuck with me for literally, years. Photos by my college roommate, Colleen who graciously complied with my demand that she snap some pics of me in her backyard up in Morristown. Her presence explains why I am mid-laugh in both pics. She tends to have that effect on me. She kept telling me I looked short. Like at 5'2" I have the ability to look tall.


Blue Floral Dress: Forever 21, last summer Yellow Cardigan: Anthropologie, three summers back Barefoot but definitely not pregnant. No jewelry. Plain & simple. That's how yellow works for me.