Things I love #4.

I pull a lot of inspiration from other bloggers because oftentimes they've been at the game for years and years honing their features. Sometimes the feature is simple, sweet and to the point. Take for example, Elsiecake's weekly 10 Things. I've posted similar lists before, but only released three. In honor of the staggering amount of stuff I love, I've put together my top things for this week.

  1. Birch Box - Oh, how I love getting things in the mail. I'm a huge proponent of online shopping. Something about the mall makes me a little anxious, especially when it comes to beauty stores like Sephora. Overstimulation, perhaps. The bright lights, super sweet perfume-y smell, overzealous sales people. Well, Birch Box solves that one. A monthly box of deee-luxe samples delivered right to my door. Best idea.
  2. Quora - Question OR Answer you say? A know-it-all's wish come true! I finally get to put all of my random knowledge and love of internet research to good use. Developed by former Facebook employees, Quora picks up where Wikipedia left off and without the inane content of a Yahoo Answers (so far at least). The benefit? Unsure, but it lets me stretch my brain a little bit. You can find me here.
  3. Red Lips - Corresponding to my Birch Box plug, I have to say that it's taken me a really long time to embrace makeup. I still don't wear very much but I am digging red lips lately. Maybe it's from following adorable bloggers who wear messy top knots and red lips. Either way, red lips are working their way into my repertoire (along with the messy top knot).
  4. Protests in Italy - Last Sunday, women in over 200 Italian towns organized massive protests against the country's crazy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He's been accused of a number of things over the years but the latest charges put him in the midst of a sex scandal with a teenager. I'm glad to see this call to action on the part of the Italian women and hope to see some recourse this time around cause of course, he's not worried.
  5. Throw Away 50 Things - I came across this idea via Twitter and Jess Constable's blog, Makeunder My Life. I like her tagline "Design a life with intention" and decided to take on the challenge. So far, I think I'm over or at 50 items. I have a ton of nonsense to purge from my collection of belongings that seem to be following me from move to move. Today's goal is to take a peek at the piles so far and get a count. I'll post the results once I'm done.