It's Fashion Week in Berlin. Normally, I wouldn't be too interested in this fact but I am interested in designer Patrick Mohr's choice of hair and makeup to accompany his Spring/Summer 2011 collection. So waifish model sporting bald cap, barely there eyebrows and a weird wispy beard. Statement on conventional beauty? Challenging gender stereotypes? Or just for shock value?

My research indicates that Mohr is known for theatrical hair and makeup like bizarre chipmunk faces. That same collection was called "are we shaved?" and featured models in body building suits in order to show that there is little difference between men and women.

This one is a tough call. However, I'm still intrigued by the use of beards. An overtly male look transfixed on the typically boyish bodies of these female models set against stark, minimal designs.

Maybe (read, probably) I'm over thinking this whole concept. Either way, it's a strange look with interesting implications.

So thoughts?