Things I love #2.

I throw these posts in every now and again for that "get to know your blogger" kind of feel. So here's a few things I'm into this week.

  • Lock and Mane - I've always had a thing for shampoo. I'm currently working on washing my hair less, I used to be an every day-er, now it's been like 4 days since my strands got scrubbed. I got really into hair care products at my last job and L&M seems to sell all my favorite brands and they have a terrific blog that's really accessible. And they offer free shipping on orders over $25 which is awesome cause I, for one, refuse to pay for shipping.
  • Sleep - No, I don't mean the Rip Van Winkle variety. I mean Sleep, like, the band. I just got tickets to see them September 8th at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. I make a point of going to see all the bands I never got to see when they were together so I'm pretty stoked for this show.
  • Party Down - Up until a few years ago I was sort of anti-television. I just never understood why people obsessed over certain shows. Welp, that changed when I got sucked into shows like 30 Rock and Lost. Party Down follows the lives of a ragtag catering company filled with wannabes and former actors from party to party. It's pretty hilarious, I highly recommend it (pssst, it's on Netflix instant).